Child Centered Play Therapy

Is your child suffering social, emotional or behavioural difficulties?

Have you tried traditional therapy with little success?

Play Therapy can help.


Our first meeting is with me and the parent(s) without the child present. This intake session is an opportunity for me to understand the issues and challenges your child is facing.


At each session, I’ll meet your child in the waiting room. If they’re resistant or anxious, we’ll help them through these feelings. 


Sessions are scheduled weekly and last for 30 minutes. They’ll be at the same time each week. This consistency supports the child in their healing process.


After every five sessions, I’ll meet with you (without your child) for an update session. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, while ensuring the child’s confidentiality is maintained.


The length of the play therapy process varies in every case. Most children will complete between 12 and 20 sessions.

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