Sand Play Therapy

Does your child struggle to express their feelings?

Have they experienced the death of a pet or loved one?

Is your child overwhelmed by the problems they see in the world?


Sand Play Therapy might help them.

Watching your child during Sand Play Therapy, you might think they’re just playing.

By creating a scene in the sand using symbols (toys, ornaments, shells, rocks), children can regain strength or hope.

Children can use sand play to express the feelings related to the death of a pet or someone close.

Bullying is another common theme that comes out during sand play.

A way for children to express their feelings.

Symbols provide a non-verbal way for them to express their feelings and explore them.


Using sand play, they can show how they feel and then we can work on addressing this anxiety.

Your child may not wish to share at all and I encourage you to accept this.


If you think sand tray therapy would help your child, please get in touch.