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Play Therapy

Is your child suffering social, emotional or behavioural difficulties?

Have you tried traditional therapy with little success?

Play Therapy can help.

Your first meeting takes place without your child present. This intake session is an opportunity for me to understand the issues and challenges your child is facing. At each session, the therapist will meet your child in the waiting room. If they’re resistant or anxious, we’ll help them through these feelings. We'll set up a schedule of 30 minute sessions at the same time weekly. This consistency supports the child in their healing process. After every five sessions, the therapist will meet with you (without your child) for an update session. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, while maintaining your child’s confidentiality. The length of the play therapy process varies in every case. Most children will complete between 20 and 30 sessions.

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Play Therapy

Group or Sibling Therapy

Group Therapy can play a pivotal role in strengthening the bonds between siblings, fostering healthier ways to address conflicts, and promoting more robust relationships. In a group setting, children can effectively navigate and explore their intense emotions, with a therapist providing co-regulation support if interactions become escalated.

Group Therapy can be beneficial for children who struggle to communicate with their peers due to not having the skills needed to initiate interactions in positive ways. This kind of therapy can also help children who have had little exposure to group settings and who become overwhelmed in a childcare, school or play group context. The goal we would have during these sessions is to support children with building on their confidence, their understanding of reciprocal interactions and how to manage complex situations when they feel uncomfortable. By providing a space to support children develop and exercise their executive functioning skills, we would work toward children being able to adapt more easily to transitions, different personalities and navigate their anxieties in a social context. Sibling or Group Therapy is best when completed alongside individual therapy sessions; this allows each child to have their own voice and space to process their individual emotions freely.

Group or Sibling Therapy
Outdoor Play Therapy

Outdoor Play Therapy

Outdoor Play Therapy holds incredible potential for ALL children, with a particular aptitude for those who find joy in engaging with proprioceptive activities and materials as a means to explore their world. This approach empowers children to effectively express their needs, thoughts, and emotions.

Children diagnosed with ADHD or autism often possess a strong inclination for these kinds of sensory experiences, which can sometimes pose challenges within the confines of a clinical environment. Our Outdoor Play Therapy sessions are thoughtfully conducted within the serene embrace of our natural garden. However, it's important to consider that if your child has a history of elopement tendencies, this setting may not be the most suitable choice. Alternatively, we offer the flexibility of conducting outdoor play therapy sessions at your child's school or care facility, extending our outreach services to accommodate their unique needs.


Wobbel Yoga

We know that kids need to move. The Wobbel board, first introduced in the Netherlands, opens up a whole new world of exercises and wonderful stories. 

Using the Wobbel board, every movement requires constant adjustment of balance.  Balance develops from high to low. Allowing children to quietly get used to the Wobbel when they come in and discover for themselves what they can do with it. Wobbel yoga is a fun and challenging way to work on strength, balance, and concentration. ​Thanks to the movement of the board, the yoga poses become more challenging and the adventures even more fun. Narelle is a qualified Kids Yoga Trainer with Kids Yoga SA. She is also trained in the Wobbel Yoga program.

Wobbel Yoga

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides a creative, healthy way to help children and adolescents decrease anxiety and worry. It can also soothe and regulate emotions and behaviour.

Art therapy has been clinically shown to help children of all ages and developmental stages, cope with and process negative experiences, trauma and anxiety. It helps children express themselves without judgement, show their individual personalities and bring attention to their strengths. This is useful for children with special needs, autism, ADHD, speech impairments, PTSD, developmental and intellectual disability, or other mental and behavioural health conditions. Using a variety of mediums, including paint, clay, pastels and watercolours, children can express their feelings. Art Therapy gives children a safe outlet to deal with negative emotions while doing an enjoyable activity. Art Therapy has a range of benefits, including: - speeding up the healing and growth process - promoting feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and accomplishment -brings a sense of calm to the physical body. But expressive arts aren't just for coping. They can also have a positive impact on a child's normal development.

Special Programs

What's the Buzz

A feeling of connection with their peers is a key building block to children's wellbeing. The social skills required to support healthy relationships often need to be explicitly taught.

What's the Buzz is an evidence-based social and emotional literacy enrichment program. It builds social thinking and skills by immersing children in the experiences of the much-loved character Archie.​ The program uses a play-based and role-play format to teach children how to think socially and build the social skills that help support positive friendships.​ Over 16 weeks, children participate in 45 minute group sessions carefully structured to engage children into feelings of friendship. We offer three programs: EARLY LEARNERS Ages 5 to 8 years​ PRIMARY STUDENTS Ages 9 to 11 years TEENAGERS Ages 12 to 15 years

Special Programs and Events

We regularly host special programs and events designed to develop social skills and a sense of community.

Whats the Buzz
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