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Help children learn to manage their big emotions and tackle their anxieties with calm breathing skills. 


Developed with input from children’s psychologists and educators, science has proven calm breathing acts as a reset for our nervous system.


Empower kids with a tool they can use anywhere to feel confident that they can do hard things and try new things.


With practice, children will have learnt a coping skill they can use for their lifetime.


For children aged 3 years and over.

Brave & Able Breathing Buddies (Able)

  • GUIDED LIGHT: With a simple press-to-operate function, a timed light sequence shines from Brave and Able's tummies to help children follow a slower breathing pace, to calm their nervous system and slow their feelings of overwhelm. The light guide has an automatic five-minute shut-off function.

    SENSORY DELIGHT: Made of beautifully soft fabrics in a variety of shapes and textures, these trusted companions have many sensory elements for kids to hold to help them regain focus while they practise slowing their breathing and work through their big feelings. They are also great snugglers and suitable for bedtimes.

    CALM BREATHING SKILLS: Learn slow, deep breathing skills without the need for an app or a smartphone. Guided light teaches kids how to calmly take control of their breathing and regain focus. With a clearer mind you can more easily work through your big feelings and challenges. These skills can be carried within them for a lifetime, into the tricky teenage years and beyond!

    TAKE US ANYWHERE: Fully portable and with no need for wifi, children can practise with their Breathing Buddies wherever their adventures take them, requiring only 2 x AAA batteries for operation (not included).

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