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The Play Therapy with Jodie Team

Supporting kids and parents through play

About our Play Therapists

Play Therapy With Jodie are proud members of the Play Therapy Practitioners Association of Australia.

Each of our passionate Play Therapists have completed a Certificate in Child Centred Play Therapy, as well as being qualified teachers or social workers.

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I established Play Therapy with Jodie in November 2019.

After 20 years in education, I was ready for a new challenge.

Jodie's Story

During my time as Deputy Principal, I worked with many children with additional needs. These included autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and trauma. I knew the conventional ways of dealing with behaviour and meltdowns didn’t work. When children behave ‘badly’ or are difficult, it’s usually because something has triggered them. We need to know what that is so we can support them. As Deputy Principal, I would play with the kids sent to my office until they were ready to talk. My approach wasn’t always appreciated. But I knew it was the best way to work out what was happening with the child. I knew we needed greater support for children with additional needs. I knew we needed to find the cause of the behaviour. We need to fix the behaviour instead of giving consequences for the behaviour. It was my experience as a parent of a child with complex needs that introduced me to play therapy. I also realised I wanted more balance in my life so I could be there for my son. So, I took the leap and started studying play therapy. Play therapy is relatively new in South Australia. It’s a one-on-one approach to therapy that focuses on connecting with kids through what they do best. Play. Often when a child visits another therapist, it’s the parent answering the questions. That’s often because young children don’t know how to articulate their feelings or explain what’s causing those feelings. ​Launching Play Therapy with Jodie​ After 20 years in the education department, it was a big leap to start my business. I applied for leave. And I registered my business name and had it confirmed on my birthday. It’s been a lot of fun collecting toys and books and meeting new clients. ​I’m still adjusting to life without students and other teachers. But my husband, two boys, family and friends have been an enormous support. When I see the progress the children I’ve worked with have made at school and at home, I know I’m doing the right thing. As the business has grown, I've employed new therapists and we've moved into a bigger office in Tanunda, as well as expanding to the Clare Valley. I'm excited about giving more families in the Barossa and Clare a safe and supportive environment to help their children and re-build relationships.

Jodie's Team

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I've worked in the Early Childhood sector for 23 years. Play Therapy seemed like a natural progression after teaching. I enjoy working with children and being able to work one on one, to help them process their inner world. Supporting children to express themselves through play is a rewarding opportunity that I am grateful to do. I live with my husband and three boys aged, 17, 14 and 9. I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading and watching my boys play sport. I also enjoy travelling as a family and camping by the beach!

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As a social worker, I've always had a passion for working with families and especially children. Play therapy and art therapy were a natural fit for my creative personality and child-focused approach to therapy. It warms my heart to see children grow and heal using their most natural form of communication – PLAY. I'm a registered Play Therapist and qualified Social Worker. I've worked with children and adolescents in mental health, disability and the Department for Child Protection. In my spare time, I love to potter in my veggie garden, going on adventures with my family to the river or beach in our caravan, and water skiing as much as possible in the summer months.

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I've worked in Special Education for the 14 years, teaching grades R-12. My passion is supporting children with special needs and their families. Throughout my teaching career, I've observed significant gaps in children’s ability to emotionally regulate and understand their trauma. Studying Child-Centred Play Therapy seemed like a worthwhile extension of my experience working with children with additional needs. I live in the Barossa Valley with my partner and our children. I love being outside, exercising, spending time with friends and family, listening to music and podcasts.

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I am very passionate about wellbeing and after 4-years of teaching I was keen to explore a new role that supports children, one-on-one, to mature and heal through playful experiences. I live in the Clare Valley with my partner and our dog Jaggar. I enjoy cooking, DIY projects, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying a platter and wine at the local wineries.



I have been studying Psychology for the past 3 years while nannying on a weekly basis for a couple of families. I have loved working with children and wanted to pair this with my psychology degree, Child Centred Play Therapy was the perfect fit! I grew up on a farm in the Clare Valley and went to high school and university in Adelaide. I love to play netball, listen to music and I have a steadily growing book collection which keeps me busy. I love to get outside, going for walks with my dogs and hikes or going camping with my family.



I am transitioning from Primary Teaching into Play Therapy because I believe that children thrive when they feel understood and cared for by those in their life. I am looking forward to guiding and supporting children and their families to help them better understand themselves and each other as they heal and grow through play! I have lived in the Barossa for the last few years, but grew up in Mt Gambier. I love going for walks around here and going out for brunch on the weekends with my husband. One of my other favourite things to do is to go to the beach, and I especially swimming there. I briefly lived in Mexico and love learning about different cultures. I enjoy meeting new people, but really treasure the time I can spend with my close friends and family.

Our Favourite Childhood Toys

What toys did we use as part of our language?


Image by Sean Bernstein

As a little girl, I remember setting up my Barbie dolls in the back of the car while my parents worked in the vineyard. Pretend play at its best. I also loved being outside.


Image by Umanoide

I had many toys but I always remember playing with my dolls, giving them different names and dressing them in clothes that my Grandma made.


Image by Dragos Gontariu

As a child I loved to create with anything I could find. Paints, playdoh, textas and pencils. Even discarded boxes and a roll of masking tape would keep me entertained for hours!


Old Dolls House

As a child, I loved playing with the dollhouse. I find myself drawn to this in play therapy as it’s an open-ended toy offering various options for imaginative role play scenarios. It fosters creative and therapeutic play and allows the child to express events and feelings in a safe and comfortable way.


Kids Reading Map

As a child I loved my Barbie and Bratz dolls! I loved dressing them up and creating role plays with them. I was also obsessed with the movies so a lot of the time the play mirrored that of what is in the movies.

 I also loved playing shops and schools with my younger siblings.



As a child I remember loving building cities out of blocks and cardboard boxes with my brother. We would drive cars through the buildings and imagine elaborate backstories for our figurines, dolls and animals who lived there. I also enjoyed playing outside, climbing trees or in the sandpit.


Teddy Bear

Anything that was used in ‘make believe!’ I especially loved playing ‘mums and dads’ with my teddies and pram. 

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